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Why Sprouvita?

About Sprouvita

“EXCEL NUTRI FOODS” is a reputed firm in the sprouts industry in offering a variety of  fresh sprouts in Chennai and processed sprouted grains product in dried powder form  in virudhunagar.

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Technical Highlights

More than 30 Grains are sprouted Hygienically by the scientifically Control methods which increases the Protein, Minerals & Vitamins Naturally, SPROUTED Grains are Dried Scientifically without affecting the Increased Nutrition And Ground by the Traditional StoneChakki method.

🌱 Sprouting process increases the vitamin in the grains in multiple levels

🌱 The indigestible skin on the grains are converted into easily digestible form with additional Nutritive value

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+91 9940288016

Address No 3/256 Thiraviyanadhapuram,Rosalpatti,

Email info@sprouvita.com

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Excel Nutri Foods – Sprouvita, We deliver health mix powders right to your doorsteps with high quality and tons of love.